Metal Fabrication


M&M Inc. operates a completely equipped metal fabrication facility. This manufacturing facility compliments our screen and digital signage by offering our customers custom metal and aluminum structures and displays. Our objective is to creatively blend the design and manufacturing of our metal structures with the printed materials those structures are designed to hold.

  • In-house design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Aluminum and Metal Welding
  • Cutting and Bending
  • CNC Capabilities
  • Powder coated finishes
  • Stamping, Punching and Casting
  • Variety of extrusions shapes & profiles
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curb signs • bollard signs • pole signs • wall mounted sign frames • pump toppers • embossed signs • ground mounted signs • tacker signs • price signs • hanging signs • internally illuminated signs • store front spanner frames • column mount signs • menu boards • truck back frames • Snap-Frame signs • directional signs • lottery signs • poster frames • banner tracks • road safety signs • Graffiti Proof Signs